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Sevres Porcelain & Gilt Brass Boudoir Clock
by A. D. Mougin

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A stunning antique French Boudoir clock featuring finely painted Sevres style porcelain. The panel below the dial shows a scene of cherubs gathering the grape harvest. The dial itself is decorated with a cherub and a basket of flowers and also has the retailers name and town. The gilding is in excellent original condition ......Click here for full details!


Stunning Antique French Boudoir Desk Clock
by Vincenti et Cie.

~ French - Circa 1870 ~

~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled & working ~~ 

A beautiful ormolu (fine gilded brass / bronze) and white marble desk clock.  The finely cast figure is intriguingly modelled as a theatrical allegory. He wears a jesters cap and holds a jesters stick for 'comedy'.  At his feet is a classical mask for 'tragedy' or 'drama' and scattered on the base are musical instruments. The crisp white marble contrasts very nicely with the ormolu which is in excellent condition......Click here for full details!


Japy Freres Neoclassical Four Glass Clock Set.

~ French - Circa 1880 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A very chic and stunning Japy Freres four glass clock set. Beautifully made in a variegated specimen marble mounted with ormolu (fine gilded bronze/brass) and bronze. The four sides of the clock are glazed with bevelled glass to allow the movement to be seen along with the large sunburst ormolu pendulum swinging
......Click here for full details!


Japy Freres Rococo Antique French Clock Set - Large and Superb.

~ French - Circa 1880 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

A stunning, tall and majestic original antique French Rococo clock and candelabra set. Beautiful Louis XV waisted shape with "C" scrolls, shells and floral swags. Candelabra are over 2 ft tall and are complete with Rococo finials. The set is of very good quality with crisp, sharp and finely detailed modelling and the gilding has a lovely clean and bright finish......Click here for full details!


Unusual Antique French Gothic Table Clock.

~ French - Circa 1870 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A superb antique French Gothic table clock, beautifully modelled in gilt brass. It sits on a square, pierced, splayed base with the movement mounted in above. The top is fretted and sits above a fancy cornice and is surmounted by a ball and spire finial.  

.......Click here for full details!


Antique French Gilt Brass Clock

~ French - Circa 1880 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A Superb gilt brass clock of fine detail, in the Baroque style. The clock is modelled with open fretwork of foliage with two stylised pillars of the winged cherubs.The fretted front and sides of the case allow the pendulum to be seen swinging......Click here for full details!


Huge and Magnificent Antique French Gothic Cartel Wall Clock
by Samuel Marti.

~ French - Circa 1900 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A Stunning and rare Gothic wall clock, of architectural proportions at over 3 ft in height and constructed very heavily from solid brass. It features a large decorated brass bell hanging above the movement that the movement strikes every half hour (see the video clip below). The case is designed as a huge, elaborate, arched bracket from which the bell and movement hang. The is pendulum is visible swinging below......Click here for full details!


Vitascope Art Deco Bakelite Automata Clock .

~ British - Circa 1940 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A unusual white Bakelite Vitascope clock, mains powered, with an automata rocking ship in the window above the dial. The sky lights up and dims and brightens as if with the rising/setting sun, the ship pitches gently up and down in the waves.... very soothing! See movie below.

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Antique French Brass Clock Set
by Samuel Marti

~ French - Circa 1870 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

A small and highly decorative antique clock set measuring just 5" front to back, ideal for a mantle. It is heavily modelled and chased and is decorated with dolphins, mythical creatures and stands on a heavily scrolled base. The dial is also heavy brass, mounted with 12 individual enamel cartouches......Click here for full details!


Japy Freres Gothic Brass Table Clock.

~ French - Circa 1870 ~

~~ Excellent condition, fully working, ready to display ~~ 

A superb Brass cased table clock by the famous maker Japy Freres. It is architecturally styled in a light Gothic taste, profusely fretted to the front an sides which allows the pendulum to be seen swinging within the case. The back door is glazed with bevelled glass to allow the movement to be seen.  
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