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Superb Antique French Table Clock Set by A. D. Mougin.

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

A large, stunning and very good quality gilt brass clock set. It is classical in style, modelled as a Greek temple. The 'roof' is surmounted by a Greek Sphinx, with the head and breasts of a woman, body of a dog, tail of a serpent, wings of a bird, paws of a lion.

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Stunning Antique French Gilt Clock Set by Vincenti et Cie

~ French - Circa 1880 ~

~~ Excellent condition, fully working condition ~~ 

A very decorative and nicely sized antique French clock set. It is very well modelled in gilded brass in the Louis XVI style. Clock is key hole shaped with a fretted panel to the front which allows a glimpse of the pendulum swinging within......Click here for full details!


Beautiful Antique French Ormolu and Mahogany Boudoir Clock.

~ French - Circa 1895 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A stunning petit clock, beautifully made in ormolu (fine gilded brass) and mahogany. It was retailed by the well known American store Baily Banks and Biddle Co of Philadelphia. It is modelled as two cherubim, holding the clock aloft on their shoulders....Click here for full details!


Antique French Rococo Cartel Wall Clock
by A. D. Mougin.

~ Antique French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition, fully restored and working ~~

A stunning gilt brass Rococo Cartel clock, classic Rococo asymmetrical shape with 'C' scrolls, foliage and floral swags. The modelling is crisp and well detailed with a bright and clean gilded finish. The pendulum can just be see swinging below the dial ....Click here for full details!


Large Antique French Clock Set
by A. D. Mougin

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Fully overhauled and working,
bright and clean gilding ~~

A large and well made French clock set with modelling of high quality in gilded brass. The style is French Louis XVI ....Click here for full details!


Large Brass Cased Table Clock
by Fritz Marti.

~ French - Circa 1900 ~

~~ Excellent condition, full overhauled and working ~~ 

A very impressive and substantial antique French table clock, modelled in brass in the classical style. It features a beautiful large enamel dial with fine blued steel hands. To the sides are red velvet backed sound frets, finely detailed, to enable the sonorous gong strike to be fully appreciated
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Marble and Ormolu Clock Set.

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A beautiful antique French marble and ormolu (gilded brass) portico clock set. It is classical in style, the clock is mounted between a classical four column portico. It is surmounted by a marble urn with flame final. The bases are carved in a serpentine shape....Click here for full details!


Stunning Cartel Wall Clock ~ Dolphin
by Samuel Marti.

~ French - Circa 1880 ~

~~ Excellent condition, movement fully working  ~~ 

A large and very finely detailed antique French, brass cased, cartel wall clock. It is modelled in the Rococo style, crowned by a mythical dolphin sitting in a 'C' scroll. A rare feature is the original oak back board, finished with red velvet, which beautifully frames the clock.....Click here for full details!


Large Baroque Antique French Clock Set
by A. D. Mougin.

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A very large and impressive brass cased clock set, well modelled and finely detailed in the Baroque style. The clock case is modelled as an architectural ruin, covered in flowing foliage, goddess caryatid pillars to each side and a fountain to the front. Beneath this are a pair of seated cherubs. Candelabra have similarly designed bases with ornate 4 branch candelabra above....Click here for full details!


Antique French Gothic clock - 8 day.

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A superb French gothic clock, beautifully modelled in brass. The clock is covered in swirling foliage and gothic motifs of lions and grotesque masks. The enamel dial has a cast centre and the original delicately cut brass hands.

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