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Rococo Red Veneer and Ormolu Clock Set
by Japy Freres.

~ French - Circa 1880 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A beautiful antique French Rococo clock set of the highest quality, by Japy Freres. It is of typical Rococo waisted keyhole shape, with beautifully figured natural red veneer mounted with finely modelled ormolu (gilded brass)....Click here for full details!


Antique French Gothic Clock Set
by A. D. Mougin

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

A very decorative gilt brass clock set in excellent condition. It is French Gothic in style, with lions mask and hairy paw feet. It is constructed of brass with a gilded finish which is in excellent bright and clean condition....Click here for full details!


Marble and Ormolu Clock Set.

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A beautiful antique French marble and ormolu (gilded brass) portico clock set. Marble is a very nicely figured specimen marble and the ormolu mounts are finely modelled. Pendulum depicts the sun god and can been seen swinging below the movement between the columns of the case....Click here for full details!


Antique French Ormolu Boudoir Clock
by Samuel Marti

~ French - Circa 1880 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A beautiful, antique French boudoir clock of classical Louis XVI style. It is architectural in shape and is profusely decorated with acanthus leaves, stylised floral swags all modelled finely in ormolu (fine gilded brass). The urn on top has a removable cover enabling it to be used to store small items ....Click here for full details!


Large Gilded Brass Gothic Clock Set
by Jos Leemans, Brussels

~ French - Circa 1880 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A finely detailed gilt brass clock set in excellent condition, much of the original gilding remains which is in lovely bright and clean condition.  ....Click here for full details!


Rococo Antique French Clock Set - Large and Superb.

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

This is a large and decorative clock and candelabra set, beautiful Louis XV waisted shape with "C" scrolls, shells and floral swags, very well modelled in gilded brass which has a lovely clean and bright finish. The front of the case is fretted to allow the pendulum to be glimpsed swinging inside the case and the back door is glazed to allow the movement to be seen.   ....Click here for full details!


Huge Antique French Brass Clock Set -
Vincenti et Cie

~ French - Circa 1870 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

A large and spectacular clock set in lovely clean and bright condition. The style is Baroque, the clock and candelabra modelled like a long forgotten romantic ruin. There are winged cherubs at the corners, a winged goddess beneath the dial, lots of swirling entangled foliage and mythical creatures forming the front feet. The top of the clock is modelled as a swan neck pediment with four finials and a large vase. Candelabra have conforming bases with vases above and then four branches. Candelabra have the original snuffers which match the finial of the clock.......Click here for full details!


Beautiful Early Ormolu and White Marble Portico Clock with Silk Suspension.

~ French - Circa 1860 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A lovely early Portico clock, particularly early with silk suspension movement. It is white marble with ormolu mounts, finely modelled as floral swags and baskets of fruit and flowers. Pendulum can be seen swinging below the movement mounted in the pediment of the portico, this is also modelled as a basket of flowers. 

....Click here for full details!


Ormolu and Marble Boudoir Clock Set.

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent original condition ~~ 

A very chic French ormolu and white marble boudoir clock set by the famous maker A.D. Mougin. The style is classical from the Regency period. The clock has a pillar each side with Corinthian capitals and pineapple finals and is surmounted by an urn. The candelabra are mounted on square bases with a white marble pillar and the candelabra arms modelled as foliage.......Click here for full details!


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Fine Early Bronze and Sienna Marble Clock -  Cupid and Psyche
by Honoré Pons.

~ French - Circa 1830 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A very fine and early bronze and Sienna marble clock depicting Psyche revived by the kiss of Love after the sculpture Psyché ranimée par le baiser de l'Amour by Antonio Canova, currently in the Louvre.

The French movement is of excellent quality and is fitted with the earlier silk suspension. The clockmaker is Honoré Pons, is listed in Loomes and Baillie ....Click here for full details!