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Antique French Bronze Bracket Clock.

~ French - Circa 1880 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

This is a large and majestic bronze bracket clock, standing at over 2 feet in height. The style is French gothic, lions mask handles to the side of the case and a large urn surmounts it. Dial is also bronze, minutes are engraved on the outer edge and the hours are 12 enamel cartouche letters.

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Japy Freres Porcelain Boudoir Clock.

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

A beautiful porcelain cased boudoir clock by the famous maker Japy Freres. Case is continental porcelain in a classic Rococo shape, decorated with floral bocage and three cherubs. The quality of the modelling is fine and delicate and painted with a green to pink ground. The original enamel dial is also decorated with a cherub, finely pained on a cream ground......Click here for full details!


Super Mahogany Bracket Clock - Westminster Chime on 4 Gongs

~ German - Circa 1910 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

Very pretty Mahogany cased bracket clock by Kienzel of Germany. The case is of super quality with swag and ribbon inlay. The dial is silvered brass with floral engraving and the hands are blued steel. The glazed door is bevelled glass.

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Japy Freres Antique Rococo Cartel Clock

~ Antique French - Circa 1880 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

A stunning gilt brass Rococo Cartel clock; classic Rococo asymmetrical shape with 'C' scrolls, foliage and basket fretted bottom. The dial is enamel on copper with blue lettering and the original gilt brass fretted hands. The modelling is crisp and well detailed with a bright and clean finish.....Click here for full details!


Japy Freres Antique French Classical Clock.

~ French - Circa 1870 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

A beautiful antique gilt brass clock by the famous maker Japy Freres. It is very well modelled as a classical ruin, covered in foliage and floral swags. Below the dial is a bow and a quiver of arrows. The top of the clock is surmounted by an urn and a bowl of exotic fruit. The front of the clock is very delicately fretted to lighten the design and which allows the pendulum to be seen swinging.....Click here for full details!


Superb Gilt Brass Antique Clock Set

~ French - Circa 1870 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A small and very pretty clock set of gilt brass in stunning condition. The set has a gothic theme with the clock modelled as a architectural ruin with flying buttresses forming the feet, a coat of arms to the front and pointed windows to the front and sides.

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Superb Gilt and Sevres Style Porcelain Clock Set
by A D Mougin.

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

A Large and stunning clock set, mounted with porcelain in the style of Sevres with a Pompadour Rose ground. In an allegory of love, two cupids peer around the columns at the Gentleman serenading his Lady on his lute....Click here for full details!


Antique French Rococo Clock Set - Large and Stunning.

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~

A Fabulous Antique Rococo clock set, typical Rococo design with swirling foliage, 'C' scrolls and the highlight being the candelabra arms modelled as foliage twirled together....Click here for full details!


Stunning Gilt Brass and Porcelain Rococo Clock Set - A D Mougin.

~ French - Circa 1895 ~

~~ Superb condition ~~ 

A very pretty and nicely sized Rococo clock set, beautifully modelled in gilt brass and mounted with porcelain panels. The gilding is in superb original condition as is the porcelain. The superb porcelain panel is painted with a romantic scene of courtship. Shape of the clock is the classic Rococo....Click here for full details!


Antique French Brass Clock Set - Japy Freres

~ French - Circa 1890 ~

~~ Excellent condition ~~ 

A large and beautiful Japy Freres brass clock set. Style is French gothic, with a lions mask, mythical creatures and foliage. Candelabra have conforming bases and urns which are surmounted by four branches. Set is well modelled and has clean and bright finish.....Click here for full details!