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Scottish Antique Mahogany Grandfather Clock

~ Circa 1840 ~

~~ W. M. Dickie, Paisley ~~ 

 Excellent Condition.


Tall and elegant figured mahogany case with beautiful original patina and colour, outlined with boxwood stringing.  Oval, pierced sound frets at the side of the hood, increase the sound of the strike.  The super dial is an allegory for the ages of man, with a pretty shepherdess and flock of sheep to the arch...a real 'Little Bo-Peep' complete with a ribbon bow on her crook and sheep dog asleep at her side.  Each of the 'ages' is charming, slightly naive.  Infancy, has a Mother and Babe beside a roaring fire, very cosy.  Youth is two pretty girls with a posy of flowers and country house in the background.  Manhood, a dashing soldier stands beside a cannon, a castle in the background.  Old Age is wisdom, sitting by a river, reading...very peaceful.  The whole dial is very colourful and in excellent condition.  Our professional dial restorer has cleaned the dial and touched in any worn lettering, only the most minor attention was needed to the painting.  See the pictures below to appreciate this lovely dial!

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Movement is also of beautiful quality - Click the link below to see the clock running. It is of 8-day duration and strikes a bell hourly. We have cleaned and serviced the movement - it is in full working order. We have replaced the gut line with natural gut. The weights are old replacements and we have replaced the pendulum with one handmade to the pattern of the original.

Click to hear the clock strike!, Click here to watch the clock run

Paisley is near Glasgow and the case is typical of cases made in the east of Scotland at this time. It is very well made with a relatively tall hood and turned mahogany feet. It is in excellent condition. There are some old repairs. Each side of the base at the rear, there is a section of replaced veneer about one inch wide. The upper section of the left hand hood moulding has been replaced, probably due to wood worm. This work has been well carried out and is not noticeable. There is some very minor and very old wood worm damage to the top of the trunk. There is a piece of veneer missing at the back and very bottom of the base. A small piece of veneer has been replaced on the top right hand corner of the base. The top left hand corner may have been repaired at some time. The cheek boards have a 3/4" piece of timber screwed to the top. The timber is old and could even be original. There are some very minor marks, scratches and bruises as you would expect with any antique item. The date does not operate. The minute and hour hands are original - we have made a seconds and date hand to replace the missing originals. The glass and the trunk lock are original. The colour of the case is very good and original.  

Dimensions: Height 88", Width 22 1/4", Depth 10 1/2"


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